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Entry #45

This could be the last time we will met...

2012-03-10 07:15:36 by mechanicthehedgehog8

Sorry guys i'm not lying.
Since i cam back Newgrounds,no one talks to me.
I feel ashamed...has everyone forgotten me?
I'm getting more popular at Deviantart...
I also revamped all of my character.
I'm leaving here....
Thanks everyone to be my friends...

Before i go..
For superdupersonic
Why do you deactivated your Deviantart account?

For sapphirethehedgehogx
When are you moving to deviantart?



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2012-03-11 22:23:24

go where youre wanted. Dont feel bad.
I think its a shame no ones giving you any attention though.

mechanicthehedgehog8 responds:

i've got deviantart to be in there.


2012-03-12 15:14:14

you're sad...

mechanicthehedgehog8 responds:

of course!
i regret the time i was a weirdo!


2012-03-13 13:32:58

awww, :( well if you think its best then it must be. Have fun @ deviantart, but you'll be back :P

mechanicthehedgehog8 responds:



2012-03-23 20:58:55

It was good your compani! bye mate, see you!


2012-04-06 22:36:04

Yhea newgrounds is a good place to watch video flash, music, and games but deviant art is for friends to communicate better and import art and stuff and sapphire is gone i havent comminucate with him since last year..


2012-04-14 11:25:12

Just wait for summer. NG could be back in a flash.


2012-04-15 00:26:45

I'm not leaving.I don't know when will Ultimate Mario and Sonic Bros. Soul Caliber will be out.I'm still
working my sprite and my introduction.And MasterSonic is making a Sprite Battle.I might try finish it I don't know about............................December 25,2012 I think.I need sometime.And my Mom and Dad won't let me go to because of upgrading it.And the reason I wasn't here for months is because I'm on doing my duty as Admiral of Special.Sea.Force but then I couldn't get in to say good-bye but no,so I quited.My friend commander heydragon was my best friend and then I had a good run on Roblox so I retired and go back to here Newgrounds and I was sorry for Alvin for telling him why he didn't do ep 9 on SMBZ even for the others that didn't finish too.
I didn't want anyone to know in S.S.F to say that I retired.So I told it to SecondScout and he'll take my place as Admiral.I'm sorry to all of you guys that are waiting but I need more and more time to finish it by December 25.Now you know why I wasn't here and why I wasn't finish with UMSBSC I'm so sorry for all of this disaster.But,I will do my best to complete it by Christmas.Just be on the look out for UMSBSC I wish it would come soon but must be done.Heres what ep 1 is about:
Episode 1:A Hero Reborn
Episode 2:A New Threat
Episode 3:Secrets Revealed
Episode 4:The Wrath of the Dark Lord
Episode 5:Hedgehogs Seperation
Episode 6:Day of the Dark Lord
Episode 7:The Chaos Hedgehogs Reunit.
On the First ep this is where Sonic,Shadow and the gang leave the Mushroom Kingdom thanks to Mario,Luigi,and Yoshi's help but before they another portal came out of nowhere and sucked the whole gang to another Dimension.Who know where will they be now.......................well thats all for now stay tunes Mechanic maybe you FC will be in Ep 1 who knows.


2012-04-26 18:23:38

rat poison


2012-06-17 20:45:06

dont worry im still here for you


2012-07-17 18:44:43

You asked me to do a Tank, its not mine actually its Power-to-the-Playas but here it is, the tank you wanted to see XD

......( '_')
..../""""""""""""\====== |:|:|:|:|:|:D


2012-08-12 21:51:37

You are getting popular in DeviantArt becuase you have talent in making friends and sprites there.
Newgrounds is different. thats why i havent been here that much only a few times a week just to check out whats new. o well mechanic seeya in deviantart and saphire wanted your help. for his movie.


2015-04-25 08:22:24